Megan Fox No Longer Enjoys Acting Says Her Heart Isn T In It

Megan Fox No Longer Enjoys Acting  Says Her Heart Isn   T In It

Megan Fox’s first boyfriend from her hometown of Port St. Lucie, Florida, told News of The World about his teenage romance with Fox, 22, before she moved to Hollywood to become a big star. It’s a typical first love kind of story, with Fox sneaking out to see him and asking him to move to LA with her.

According to Ben Leahy, a 24 year-old firefighter in Vero Beach, Florida, he dated Megan for three years until she moved away to pursue her dream of acting in 2003 at the age of 17. He said she was into fishing, surfing, and being one of the guys but that she also had a wild side and loved sexy times. According to Ben, he was the one who broke it off after Megan landed her first big part, but it sounds like they were over at that point anyway.

This is written in the sensational style that News of The World uses, but there aren’t many salacious details. Ben does say he finds Megan’s story that she had an affair with a Russian stripper named Nikita completely plausible, though, and said that Megan always had a thing for women, particularly Angelina Jolie:

“Megan loved looking at women’s bodies.

“She just had no inhibitions and made no bones about the fact she liked to fantasise about being with a woman.

“There were many times she would look at magazines for hours pointing out which actresses she thought were hot. Angelina Jolie was high up on her list.

“She would say: ‘Look at her body Ben it’s gorgeous don’t you think?’

“She just loved women who were not conventionally pretty and looked like they were into anything. Because that’s what Megan was like…

“So I am not in the slightest bit shocked one of the first people she slept with after I had ended our relationship was a woman.”…

While most girls are into make-up and shoes, Megan was just a total rebel who loved to hang out with the boys and luckily her favourite boy was me.

“Megan and I spent every minute together and she loved doing anything and everything with me. We used to go fishing and surfing, total boys things which Megan loved.

“But while she was a total tomboy Megan also knew how to drive me wild to using her female charms. She would just have to look at me with those huge eyes and tell me she loved me and my heart would just leap…

And as the pair grew older Ben tells how he got to see more and more of Megan’s body when she would creep out late at night to be with the boy she loved.

Ben told the News Of The World: “Megan started to really rebel against her parents who were very strict.

“She would have these huge arguments, then call me to say she had run away. And then when she was feeling really naughty on a few occasions she told me to come to the house late at night.

“And while her parents were sleeping she would order me to stack cookie boxes up to her window so she could climb down from her bedroom window and spend a few hours with me.

“We had some amazing nights laying under the stars. She would giggle and shriek with laughter knowing that while her parents were in bed she was outside doing all sorts with me.

“Which was totally up Megan’s street because she loved doing anything which was naughty.

“I was Megan’s first love and she was mine so those times were extra special as we were doing things together we had never done before.”

[From News of The World via Gossip Rocks]

But of course it was not to be. Megan moved to Hollywood and started on her path to stardom, while Ben was content to stay in Florida, fish and work as a firefighter. She eventually cheated on him with 7th Heaven star David Gallagher:

And not long after Megan had landed her first small part alongside LINDSAY LOHAN in Confessions of a Teenage drama Queen Ben knew their days as a couple were numbered.

He said: “I always knew Megan was going to be a big star. She just had this aura around her and this incredible sexy irresistible quality which I knew would make her famous…

“So suddenly Megan’s new world began to sound like it was on a different planet to me and I knew I would not fit in and never wanted to anyway.

“As the weeks went by Megan seemed to be becoming more and more obsessed with all that Hollywood had to offer and I could sense she was drifting away from me.”

But the final straw for Ben came when he discovered Megan had started to spend more time with US soap actor David Gallagher.

“All of a sudden all Megan talked about was David this, David that,” says Ben…

“Megan was hard to control when she lived near by, but thousands of miles away amongst all these rich actors I did not stand a chance.

“And so I called her and told her I thought it was best we went our separate ways. Megan begged me not to end it but even she must have known deep down we were never going to last.

“Our worlds had gone in such totally different directions.

“We both cried but still today I know I made the right decision.

“As a firefighter I would never have been able to afford to live in Los Angeles and I am sure as hell not the kind of man who would ever have been content to live off her money. I have way too much pride for that.

“So now I just am content to keep on fishing and make do with seeing Megan on the big screen. And at the end of the day I am just so proud of all she has achieved.”

[News of The World]

That story kind of humanizes oversexed Megan for me. She portrays herself as this wanton woman, but she’s been with her fiance, Brian Austin Green, for four years and despite breakup rumors they’re still going strong. Fox is generally said to be a pain in the ass, but Green has stuck with her and it sounds like she’s perfectly content with monogamy. She even said that she’d rather stay home and have sex with him than go out. I still think the Nikita stripper story is made up, though.

Didn’t she look better with her natural nose? She’s a little too cookie cutter now.